May 18-22, 1997
Manhattan, Kansas, USA

Wheat Bar


A recommendation to sponsor an International Wheat Quality Conference originated with the Research Leaders, U.S. Grain Marketing and Production Research Center, ARS-USDA in 1990. The recommendation cited Manhattan, Kansas, as a major world center for wheat research and innovative technology for wheat quality assessment. The major contributors to such visibility in Manhattan, Kansas are Kansas State University, the American Institute of Baking and the Grain Marketing and Production Research Center, ARS-USDA. The recommendation to jointly sponsor an International Conference was reviewed a second time (about 1992) and subsequently endorsed by ARS National Program Staff, Kansas State University and the American Institute of Baking. The following is a recap of the 1990 justification statement:


The scientific community at Manhattan, Kansas is internationally recognized as a center for research and studies relating to wheat quality. The U.S. Grain Marketing and Production Research Center, Kansas State University, the American Institute of Baking and several other organizations which conduct research, educate and train students and otherwise promote the wheat industry are all located in Manhattan, Kansas. A common theme for all of these institutions and organizations is maintenance, measurement and promotion of wheat quality at all levels of production, storage, marketing, milling and baking. Recent technological advancements developed by the three institutions in the Manhattan community are appropriate for international exposure. These wheat quality maintenance and measurement technologies coupled with invited international speakers and special symposia topics make Manhattan, Kansas the logical site in the United States of America to host an international wheat quality conference.


Since 1992, the primary focus has been local organization, solicitation of domestic and international participation and promotion at National and International meetings such as AACC and ICC. Representatives of the U.S. Grain Marketing and Production Research Center, Kansas State University and the American Institute Baking have met several times to discuss and plan the Conference. The International Wheat Quality Conference is scheduled for May 18-22, 1997. The Conference site will be the Holidome, Manhattan, Kansas. Local organization consists basically of three Committees: Technical Program, Local Arrangements and Budget and Finance. Conference organizing headquarters will be the U.S. Grain Marketing Research Laboratory, 1515 College Avenue, Manhattan, KS, USA 66502. The Grain Industry Alliance, Manhattan, KS will handle receipt and disbursement of all funds related to the Conference.


The purpose of this Conference is to provide a forum for international review and discussion of wheat quality issues and needs for standardization. The Conference will provide state-of-the-art information on the development and implementation of rapid end-use predictive technologies in the global wheat market along with new methods to produce, preserve and market wheat based on quality attributes and end-use values. All segments of the global wheat production, storage, marketing and utilization industry are within the scope and purpose of the Conference. Contact, inclusion and participation by representatives of the commercial wheat industry, both domestic and international, will be emphasized to insure that the purpose of the Conference is met.


Participants and benefactors of this Conference will have domestic and international backgrounds in various segments of the global wheat production, preservation, quality assessment, marketing and utilization industry. Participant backgrounds may include growers, handlers, marketers, shippers, exporters, importers, inspectors, regulators, processors, researchers, educators, administrators, legislators, corporate managers, equipment and instrument manufacturers, professional society representatives, grain standards developers and other international organization or wheat industry representatives. International participation will be encouraged and highlighted during the Conference.


Seven plenary type sessions are scheduled for approximately one-half day each, three-five speakers per session, followed by panel discussion periods. Each session will have an International and a USA organizing co-chair. All speakers will be invited. Two keynote speakers, a technical poster session, technical tours and evening functions are planned. Development of the following technical sessions is nearly complete.


Session I..... Biochemical Determinants for Quality Prediction
Session II.... Rapid Quality Prediction Systems
Session III... Breeding and Genetics of Quality
Session VI... Selection of Wheats for Wet-Milling and Modern Methods of Separating Components and Their New Uses
Session V.... Economics of End-Use Quality and International Competitiveness
Session VI... Preservation of Quality
Session VII.. Grade Determinants and Prediction of Cleanliness and Soundness


The Conference will include a technical poster session. Participants are encouraged to organize and submit sets of poster presentations which collectively represent a sponsoring Institution, Country or geographical region. Posters should highlight the sponsor's efforts to develop and promote end-use quality assessment, quality maintenance or quality based marketing of wheat. Proposals must be submitted prior to the Conference for approval and confirmation.


English is the designated Conference language. All oral presentations must be in English. All written materials must be in English or include English translations. All written materials (papers, posters and abstracts) must be prepared using metric units (SI and SI preferred) with dual English units optional.


Full length papers of all invited speaker presentations and abstracts of all posters will be included in the Conference Proceedings. Sponsoring organizations and institutions, organizing committees, financial contributors, program and attendees will be noted in the Proceedings. The Proceedings will be printed prior to the Conference and all full registrants, upon arrival at the Conference registration desk, will receive one copy. Additional copies will be available for purchase.

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