International Wheat Quality Conference
May 18-22, 1997
Manhattan, Kansas, USA
Wheat Bar

The International Wheat Quality Conference (IWQC) will include technical poster presentations by participants. Participants are invited to submit individual or collective sets of poster presentations. Collective sets of poster presentations should represent a sponsoring Institution, Country or Geographical Region. Individual submissions will be consolidated into similar collective sets where possible. A collective set submission should include at least four and not more than eight poster papers. Each poster paper should be designed for display on a 1.2 x 1.2 m (4 x 4 ft) display board. Collective set organizers or individuals are encouraged to submit proposals to Dr. D. Bechtel or Dr. D. Sauer at the address below.

For collective or individual posters, the following must be submitted:

  1. the name of an Institution, Country or Geographical Region,
  2. a general theme or subject for the collective or individual poster set,
  3. the poster title and responsible author of each poster presentation,
  4. a draft abstract or descriptive narrative of each poster presentation, and
  5. a responsible contact name, address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address. Please include the country code and city code for international phone and fax communication.

Collective set organizers will be asked to prepare one poster paper describing the Institution, Country or Region sponsoring the collective set and the sponsors's mission on a broader scale to investigate and enhance the utilization of objective wheat quality assessments. The responsible author of each poster will be asked to submit a standardized abstract for printing in the Conference Proceedings. Posters and abstracts must be prepared in English using metric units (SI and SI preferred) with dual English units optional.

For Technical Poster information, please contact:
D. Bechtel or D. Sauer
U.S. Grain Marketing Research Laboratory
1515 College Ave.
Manhattan, Kansas 66502
or FAX: 913-776-2792
or Inet: or

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