Second International Wheat Quality Conference
Manhattan, Kansas, USA
May 20-24, 2001 
 IWQC-II                                               IWQC-II
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   Conference E-mail Send/Receive Options

This document is for all participants and attendees of the Conference.  During the Conference you will have several E-mail options if you care to use the Conference facilities or on-site computers.  This will be a similar service to that done at IWQC-I in 1997.  In addition, you may be able to access your E-mail using these facilities or your own.  We hope this helps you prepare for your Conference participation and maintain E-mail contact as you wish.

The on-site computers for E-mail will be in Conference Room IV of the Holiday Inn - Holidome.  There is no direct internet connections available at the Holidome, only telephone lines in this room and the guest room phones.  Two computers will be setup in Room IV for E-mail and other Conference use.

One will be referenced as the IWQC-II server and the other will be a Win98 PC.  Both will be connected continuously to the Internet via two telephone lines in Room IV.  On each, there are several ways to send/receive E-mail and remote access your E-mail:

 1) IWQC-II Server

Receive, reply or send E-mail using an iwqc account and address  You will need to give this address to your co-workers in advance if you want to be contacted in this manner.  You will need E-mail addresses of your co-workers to compose and send a message to someone.  The mail software in use will be 'pine' on red hat linux.  Incoming mail to this account will be monitored, printed and delivered to you during the Conference asap.  Be sure the sender identifies who the mail is for in the text body or within the "To:' or 'Subject:' fields.  Do not send messages to this address in HTML format.  Do not routinely send messages as attachments, however attachments can be exported, read and printed.  The available printer will be an HP LaserJet, black on white.

You may use web mail using Netscape on the IWQC-II Server.  To do this, you will need the URL of your web mail provider.  Sending and receiving email via web mail procedures should be the same as what you are used to doing.  You will be able to print these messages if a hard copy is needed.

You may open a konsole or terminal window and telnet or remote login to your E-mail provider.  To do this, you will need to bring the server name and domain name of your provider, your user id and your password.  You will need to execute mail software on your provider's server that has the capability of reading and displaying your E-mail.  On many servers, 'pine' is available for this and is a good choice.  If you plan to read/send E-mail via this procedure, you might wish to check this procedure and its operation at your personal system before leaving for Manhattan.  If this procedure is not available to you on your personal system, it will not be an option for you while in Manhattan.

2) Win98 System
Receive, reply or send E-mail using the iwqc account and address via telnet to and account login.  A telnet window will be set up, logged in and running 'pine' as a 'read only' window to the account.  The compose and send functions will execute correctly in this 'pine read only' window.

You may use web mail using Netscape or Internet Explorer on the Win98 System.

You may open a telnet window, connect and login to your E-mail account and provider.  You will need to execute software on your provider's server to read and display your mail.

In all cases, bring the same information as described for the IWQC-II Server use.  A printer may or may not be available on the Win98 System at the Holidome.

Please note that you cannot use either system to gain an internet connection with a long distance telephone call to your provider.  However, we understand that this can be done from guest room phones at the Holidome.  Check with the Holidome for futher details on computer connections in guest rooms.

Contact IWQC-II Participants at (and during) the Conference with this E-mail link:  IWQC-II Participant <>
You may test this link now if desired, the account, server and domain are active starting today.

Created:  May 08, 2001 10:00pm JSteele