Lodging Reservation Card --- Holiday Inn-Holidome
Second International Wheat Quality Conference (IWQC-II)
May 20-24, 2001

You may find the information and use of the printable lodging reservation card below to be of help.   Please be reminded that a block of rooms has been reserved at the Holidome for the nights of May 18 through May 25.  Ask for the IWQC-II block (as noted on the card below) when making a reservation at the Holidome.  Make reservations as early as possible as the reserved block will be released or reduced April 1, 2001.  If you desire to extend your stay past the above block reserved dates, lodging costs should be negotiated when attaining a reservation. 

Mail or FAX to: HOLIDAY INN - HOLIDOME - Ph: (785) 539-5311; FAX: (785) 539-8368

For further lodging information, contact: Ms. Marsha Grunewald, Ph: (785) 776-2757,
FAX: (785) 537-5534, E-Mail: marsha@usgmrl.ksu.edu

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