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Manhattan, Kansas, USA
May 20-24, 2001
IWQC - II                                                    IWQC - II

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Technical Program Committee

SESSION Committees

I.    Issues & Concerns of End-Users
                     Committee Chair: B. Strouts <>
              Committee Members: M. Olewnik <>
                                                    C. Walker <>
                                                    C. Deyoe <>
                                                    J. Ponte <>
                                                    D. Hahn <>
                                                    B. Seabourn <>
             U.S. Session Co-chair: Brian Strouts <>
             International Co-chair: Stanley Cauvain (UK) <>

II.    Wheat Breeding & Biotechnology
              Committee Co-chairs: M. Tilley (
               Committee Members: F. MacRitchie (
                                                    G. Lookhart (
                                                    G. Brown-Guedira (
              U.S. Session Co-chair: Michael Tilley (
              International Co-chair: Lindsay O'Brien (Australia) (
                     Session Facilitator: Jan Willem van der Kamp (The Netherlands) (

III.    Quality Assessment Methods
                       Committee Chair: D. Bechtel (
                Committee Members: D. Wetzel (
                                                     P. McCluskey (
                                                     F. Dowell (
                                                     R. Dempster (
              U.S. Session Co-chair: Don Bechtel (
              International Co-chair: Andras Salgo (Hungary) (
                     Session Facilitator: Phil Williams (Canada) (

IV.    Quality Preservation and Food Safety
                       Committee Chair: W. Pursley (
                Committee Members: C. Pappas (
                                                     J. Harner (
                                                     Bh. Subramanyam (
                                                     M. Willyard (
                                                     F. Arthur (
                                                     D. Hagstrum (
                                                     K. Kramer (
                                                     L. Seitz (
              U.S. Session Co-chair: Bh. Subramanyam (
              International Co-chair: Willem de Koe (The Netherlands) (

V.    International Quality Standards & Marketing Procedures
                      Committee Chair: R. Madl (
               Committee Members: B. Blair (
                                                    J. Howard (
                                                    C. Martin (
             U.S. Session Co-chair: Tim Herrman (
             International Co-chair: Jim Dexter (Canada) (
                    Session Facilitator: Bob Cracknell (Australia) (

VI.    Economics of Wheat Trade
                      Committee Chair: K. Stiegert (
               Committee Members: C. Hugo (
                                                    H. Kiser (
                                                    D. Fritz (
             U.S. Session Co-chair: K. Stiegert (
              Intertational Co-chair: European Commission Representative

VII.    Advances in Processing Technology
                      Committee Chair: M. Casada (
               Committee Members: K. O'Donnell (
                                                    E. Haque (
                                                    R. Flores (
                                                    D. Chung (
                                                    P. Seib (
                                                    D. Eustace (
             U.S. Session Co-chair: M. Casada (
             International Co-chair: Wolfgang J. Bergthaller (Germany) (
                    Session Facilitator: W. Seibel (Germany) 

Social Committee

Technical Posters Committeei

Local Transportation Committee

Meeting Site Registration Desk Committee Meeting Site Audio-Visual and Computers Committee

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