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Sharon Township, Appanoose County, Iowa

This web page was started as an example for the Sharon Chapel Church.  It's temporary condition is a result of the building process, but additions or changes may occur at any time.  Please note that the page is on STARS.  STARS is a courtesy server in the kansas.net domain and owned and operated by James L. Steele, 4005 Coachman Road, Manhattan, KS   66502.  You may reach me at this Email address: steele2@kansas.net

The web page is public, but may not be as public to search engines as one would be if in the www domain.  As a result of being on STARS, you will need to know the url to find it.  You are here, so you have found it, so you now know the url is: http://stars.kansas.net/SharonChapelChurch/  For now, we will  have to distribute and publicize the url because it is not readily available to search engines.  This is one draw back to having it on STARS, but we can probably get it listed easily with some search engines with some additional effort.

Note: This initiative is co-chaired by Loren W. Eddy and James L. Steele (click to contact)

The objective of this page and effort is to solicit monetary contributions and donations for maintenance and restoration of the Sharon Chapel Church with implementation of this page and the following steps:
    1)  Provide some Church history and background, describe the restoration needs and describe our authority to initiate fund raising for the Church.
    2)  Establish a registry of "Friends of Sharon Chapel Church" including postal addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
    3)  Establish easy registration procedures by postal, phone, email and/or web registry processes.
    4)  Establish a Friends of the Church Fund and appropriate accounting procedures to accept immediate donations, semi-annual 2-5 yr pledges and solicited grant funds.
    5)  Advertise the web page and solicitation of funds.
    6)  Update the web page registry and progress every 3-6 months.
    7)  Entertain other methods of soliciting and raising funds for the Church.
            a.  Investigate grant possibilities
            b.  Identify decendants of families buried at Sharon Chapel Cemetery
            c.  Identify all Sharon Township residents
    8)  Include a web page counter and log all hits.

Other notes (jls):
    What about flyer at Cemetery for Memorial Day and provide a box for address and email card drop off?
         (Too late, maybe next year?)
    Add Star School list to registry of friends?
    Add  Terry Hogge, Moulton, IA to registry of friends, get his addr and email???

Add Links to other Church and related Sharon Chapel Cemetery Association (SCCA) Documents:
    1891 Originating deed (9Wx10S.rods) cp.f.helen.mccoy.stevens
    1892 Originating deed (adds cemetery property - total now 25Wx18S rod rectangle_cp.f.helen.mccoy.stevens
    1974 Drake Family Deed of additional property to SCCA (100 x 40 ft with easement right) cp.f.courthouse
    1978 Quit Claim Deed - Church to Cemetery Association (SCCA) (transfers 9Wx10S rod property) cp.f.courthouse
    1999 Drake Family Deed - squares prop to east third of north third of NE Qtr. cp.f.helen.mccoy.stevens
                 (Easement on 100 x 40 ft given up in 1999 deed)

    Iowa Genealogy - Sharon Chapel Church Cemetery, Appanoose County, Iowa   --- copy @STARS

    Church Floor Plan and Dimensions, a DoubleCad Drawing  @stars  ---- New Preliminary 2010.02.26

A church history note: STAR School Classes were held at the Church for a year or so after the original STAR School burned down.  The original STAR School House burned when Dena Barnes Steele (my mother) was attending at about the age of eight or nine years.  Dena's birth year was 1909, hence the original school may have burned in 1917-1918.  Star School Classes were conducted in the Sharon Chapel Church the following year or so until the second Star School House was completed on the second site nearer to the road, now 260th Avenue.  

Our pages won't be glamorous, but maybe these will help in some small way to encourage Sharon Chapel Church community contact.

Before you view/use the names, addresses, Email addresses or any other information contained herein, please consider whether or not your use of this page is appropriate.  If you are not an active participant in the Sharon Chapel Church and Cemetery Community, please especially consider your use of the information contained herein.  If you wish to become active in Church maintenance and preservation of the site, please contact Loren Eddy or James Steele, email addresses are provided above on this page.  Your cooperation, honor and respect for the information contained here (and in self policing its use) is appreciated.  Please be cognizant that user logs are maintained for this page and its associated links.

Please visit again some time.  I hope the Sharon Chapel Church and Cemetery Community will find something of value at this site now and in the future.  If you have suggestions or something to post on the page, please contact me via the email address provided above.

Respectfully, James L. Steele From the Little Apple, Manhattan, KS

Expect to insert a page counter here.

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