Welcome to Pets-N-Stuff!

This is the beginnings of a Home Page for Pets-N-Stuff, Manhattan, KS.  Eventually, we plan to provide information on our Pet Store Inventory, animals, birds, snakes, reptiles, fish, pet food, fresh and salt water acquariums and general pet supplies.  In the future, we may establish a children's resource center here for pets and animals.  If you would like to see a children's pet and animal learning center on our pages, please let me know so the educational interest can be gaged.

In the mean time, if we can help in any way with your pets, pet supplies, pet education programs or questions, please E-mail:  Ty Holborn or call Pets-N-Stuff at 785-539-9494, ask for Ty.

Otherwise, please visit our Home Page again sometime and when we have more information on the page.

Ty Holborn, Owner/Operator
1119 Westloop
Manhattan, KS  66502

Some People Are Good With Cameras_f/ Heather Holborn

Initiated: November 27, 2001
Last Update: December 25, 2001 THolborn
Last Update: December 05, 2005 jsteele

One of my favorite cats.

Oreo --- Resting!

USA Flag  -- wav'n high today!

Photos of what your pets might be doing when you are away!

     Would be more fun with  waves!!

    Clean yet!!

    Passing time by playing solataire!!

   Ah!..... Feels so cool!!