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This web page was started only recently (February 2003) and therefore is far from complete.  However, it may never be complete or completed.  Please note that the page is on STARS.  STARS is a courtesy server in the kansas.net domain and owned and operated by James L. Steele, 4005 Coachman Road, Manhattan, KS   66502.  You may reach me at this Email address: steele2@kansas.net or jsteele@stars.kansas.net

The first objective of this page is to consolidate photos of the 45th Class Reunion, October 2002.  The second objective is to consolidate Email addresses of as many Classmates as possible for the Class of '57, Centerville High School, Centerville, IA.  The CHS Class of '57 was Diane Sumpter's Class.  As Diane's first husband, I shall lay claim to thinking you're my classmates too.  However, I graduated from CHS in 1956.  Please help with this compilation by telling others of this page and sending Email addresses of those classmates not on the list.  Please advise if any corrections are noted or needed. 

As we learn of classmate Email addresses, we will add those to the Classmate/Email link below.  Our pages won't be glamorous, but maybe these will help in some small way to encourage classmate contact.

Before you view/use the Email address link below, the Email addresses or any other information contained herein, please consider whether or not your use of this page is appropriate.  If you are not a classmate or spouse of a classmate, you probably should not read/use this page or the information contained herein.  Your cooperation, honor and respect for the information contained here (and in self policing its use) is appreciated.  Please be cognizant that user logs are maintained for this page and its associated links.

Please visit again some time.  I'm sure all classmates will eventually find something of value at this site.  Just be patient with us as we get it started.  If you have something to put on the page, please just contact us.

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Writings - TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER - f/ Joyce Thornton

Music - From the Heart - Bruce DeBoer

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