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'Bad Day', near Sharon Springs, Kansas, USA
From: Rodger Espy

  From: Rodger Espy

  Sharon Springs, Kansas is 30 miles south of Goodland.  For those who believe nothing exciting ever happens in Kansas, except tornados and explosions, check this out . . .

  The Good news:

  It was a normal day in Sharon Springs, KS when a Union Pacific crew boarded a loaded coal train to head on the long trek back to Salina.

   The Bad news:

  Just a few miles into the trip a wheel bearing becomes overheated and melts off letting the truck support drop down and grind on top of the rail creating white hot molten metal droppings to spew downward on the rail. 

  The Good news:

  A very alert crew noticed a small amount of smoke about halfway back in the train and immediately stopped the train in compliance with the rules. 

  The Bad news:

  The train just happened to stop with the hot wheel on top of a wooden bridge built with creosote ties and trusses.  Some on the scene photos:
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Photos and Text Courtesy: Roger Espy.
Origin of Photos and Text:  Unknown   
Posted by James L. Steele, Saturday, June  05, 2004.
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