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The first objective of this page is to provide some history of the Star School, Sharon Township, Appanoose County, Iowa.  Star School existed on two sites located on the Joe and Dena Steele farm just across the road (260th Avenue) and just northeast of the existing Sharon Chapel Church and Cemetery.  The original site was approximately 1/4 mi east of the second site.  The original school house burned when Dena Barnes [Steele] (my mother) was attending at about the age of eight or nine years.  Dena's birth year was 1909, hence for the moment the original school may have burned in 1917-1918.  Star School classes were conducted in the Sharon Chapel Church the following year or so until the second Star School House was completed on a different site closer to the road (now 260th Avenue).  The second Star School House was moved to the Walter Daniels farm, now the Bill and Crystal Smith farm about 1/2 mi south of last site.  Recollections suggest it was moved there prior to 1962 when Crystal and her parents (Ernest and mother) moved there.  The School House is no longer standing.  In about 1990, a Unionville, IA person dismantled the old Star School House and took all salvagable materials. In presenting this history, some class photos as contributed will be added as this page develops.

The second objective will be to identify the names of all attendees and teachers at Star School depending on the records available and what might be contributed.  Simultaneous with this activity, living attendees of Star School will be identified in hopes that a reuniting event may be held in the near future.  Hopefully, by word of mouth, the living attendees can be identified rather quickly.  If you are familiar with any Star School attendees, please forward contact information to my email address as provided on this page.  Please also advise of any corrections noted or needed on this page.

A third objective is to organize and set a date and location for a Star School reunion and social sometime in the near future.
    Note: A Star School gathering has been proposed for October 18, 2008, 6pm, Dutch Treat, Pizza Ranch, Centerville, IA.   An Email announcement will be sent to all those for which we have email addresses.  Please acknowledge receipt of the email announcement so that we will not have to send a postal announcement to those with email addresses.  Please also help us contact as many Star School attendees as possible by review our current list and providing names and addresses of others you might remember.  Please also consider providing photos, comments or Star School history for posting on this web page or distribution to other attendees.

Our pages won't be glamorous, but maybe these will help in some small way to encourage Star School classmate contact.

Before you view/use the names, addresses, Email addresses or any other information contained herein, please consider whether or not your use of this page is appropriate.  If you are not a classmate, a classmate's spouse or a relative of a classmate, you probably should not read/use or duplicate the information contained herein.  Your cooperation, honor and respect for the information contained here (and in self policing its use) is appreciated.  Please be cognizant that user logs are maintained for this page and its associated links.

Please visit again some time.  I'm sure all Star School classmates will find something of value at this site in the future.  If you have suggestions or something to post on the page, please contact me via the email address provided above.

Respectfully, James L. Steele From the Little Apple, Manhattan, KS

List of living (& known) Star School attendees:
Family Name : [Married Name] : First Name : Address :  City-State-Zip 

Albright [Shultz], Beverly : 6627 E. Newton Pl., Tulsa, Ok  74115-5605
Albright [Cornell], Ellen : 2348 Soaring Eagle Dr. : Bull Head City, AZ  86442-8374
  (Beverly sent Ellen a copy of letter and form)
Banks, Gerald : 25233 Hwy 5 : Centerville, IA  52544-8438
Banks, James : 418 E. Primrose Lane : Republic, MO  65738-2140
Banks, John : 802 S Park Avenue : Seymour, IA  52590-1589

Cormeny, Richard : 
916 E. 10th St. S. : Newton, IA  50208-4952
Cormeny [French], Helen
: 101 E. 9th Avenue : Leola, AR  72084-8873
Cormeny, Dale : 1311 Casper Dr. : Ottumwa, IA  52501-4921
Cormeny [Bagley], Marion : #7 Drake Drive : Kirksville, MO  63501-2506
Cormeny [Proctor], Opal : P.O. Box 693, Newton, IA  50208-0693
Daniels, Ernest :
25238 540th St. : Centerville, IA  52544-8522
Daniels [Hull], Edith Eleanor : 542 N 12th St. : Centerville, IA 52544-1447 : ph 641-856-2300
      old address : 29160 Hwy J3T : Moravia, IA  52571-8721

Daniels, Ellen 
: 1435 E. Ovid Avenue : Des Moines, IA  50316-1322
Daniels, Walter Roscoe : 21902 Blackberry Way : Kirksville, MO  63501-7562
Eddy, Curtis : 401 South Benton St. : Brighton, IA  52540-9401
Eddy, Loren :
23705 497th St. : Centerville, IA  52544-8833
Eddy [Jacobs], Norma Dean :
901 E. Washington : TRLR 18 : Centerville, IA 52544-1540
Franklin, Bill : 800 N. 13th St. : Centerville, IA  52544-1025
Franklin [Musick], Judy : 7910 Rio Grande Trail : Douglasville, GA  30135-6552
Guler [Devore], Carlene : 2804 Eastridge Dr. : Centerville, IA  52544-3610
Guler [Roby], Iva : 1510 Chester Avenue : Ottumwa, IA  52501-4442
: Form, son Carl Roby
Heaivilin [McConnell], Bonnie : 1416 Lyon Avenue : Waterloo, IA  50702-3440

Heaivilin [Crow], Marilyn : 24818 240th Avenue : Centerville, IA  52544-8531
Houser, Keith : 27426 528th St. : Moulton, IA  52572-8441
Houser, Bob : 203 W. 5th St. : Moulton, IA  52572-1219
Houser [Schwilling], Lorella Sue : 2343 U. Road : Strong City, KS  66869-9839

?? [Marvin], Helen : 614 W Garfield St. : Centerville, IA  52544-2022 : From E.Daniels
McCoy [Clark], Carol : 18874 Hwy T61 : Udell, IA  52593-8721
McCoy, Charles : 24542 265th Avenue : Centerville, IA  52544-8540
McCoy [Stevens], Helen : 16545 229th Avenue : Centerville, IA  52544-8979
McCoy [Arbogast], LaDonna
: P.O. Box 62 : Moulton, IA  52572-0062  
McCoy [Seeley], Laretta : 517 S. Main Street : Centerville, IA  52544-1540
McCoy [Espy], Marilyn : 901 E. Washington TRLR 25 : Centerville, IA  52544-1540
McCoy, Tom : 21917 117th Lane : Bloomfield, IA  52537-6882
Miller [Garr], Joann : lookup : Centerville, IA  52544-8520
Miller [Garr], Beverly : 503 North Davis St. : Kirksville, MO  63501-3132
Steele [Virtue], Jeanne M. : 1315 Marble St. : Onawa, IA  51040-1539
Steele, James L. : 4005 Coachman Road : Manhattan, KS  66502-8810

Star School did not attend list:
Daniels [Smith], Crystal : -did not attend, use Email addr for Ernest 
Eddy [Casady], Denise    : -did not attend, berbal communication
McCoy [Devore], Betty    : -did not attend, from Charles communication

RETURNED Star School Reunion Invitation Forms(to Date):
 No.  Name[married name]           Number Attending
 1.  Marilyn McCoy [Espy]                      1
 2.  LaDonna McCoy [Arbogast]                  2
 3.  Norma Dean Eddy [Jacobs]                  2
 4.  Curtis Eddy                               2
 5.  Richard Cormeny                           1
 6.  Lorella Sue Houser [Schwilling]           0

 7.  Loren Eddy                                2
 8.  Keith Houser                              2
 9.  Bob Houser                                2
10.  Laretta McCoy [Seeley]                    2
11.  Charles McCoy                             2
12.  Bonnie Heaivilin                          2
13.  Ellen Daniels                             1
14.  Ernest Daniels                            2
15.  Bill Franklin                             2
16.  Beverly Albright [Shultz]                 0    letter & pics scanned
17.  Edith Eleanor Daniels [Hull]              2
18.  Jeanne Steele [Virtue]                    0    post pics
19.  Walter Roscoe Daniels                     2
20.  Helen McCoy [Stevens]                     1
21.  Iva Guler [Roby]                          0    form from daughter-in-law
22.  Judy Franklin ]Musick]                    0    pics scanned
23.  Marilyn Heaivilin [Crow]                  2    
24.  JoAnn Miller [Garr]                       2    
25.  Beverly Miller [Garr]                     2
26.  Marion Cormeny [Bagley]                   0
27.  Opal Cormeny [Proctor]                    0
28.  James Steele                              2    typed, in book, scanned & posted
29.  Gerald Banks                              2    form scanned and posted 09/02/2009 - better late than never, thanks Sally
           Projected Attendance Total         40    as of 10/04/2008 jls

To review posted individual forms, click here

To see 2008 posted photos and individual forms, click here

Star School Addresses Needed List:
Davis, Mickey : need address : ???
Hedgecock, Kennnnnneth : need address : ???
Lenz [??], Nellie : need address : ???
Lenz, Roy : need address : ???
Lenz, Johnny : need address : ???

McCoy, Mitchell : need address : ???
McElderry [??], Evelyn : need address : ??? : Name from JVirtue
McElderry, Eugene : need address : Exline, IA  ???

Reynolds [??], Mary Lee : need address :  ???
Vandermark, Margaret : need address : ???
Weaver, Duane : need address : ???

Some email addresses(add as available later):
Banks, Gerald                    <skbgeb@lisco.com>
Cormeny [Proctor], Opal          <wproct@pcpartner.net>
Daniels [Hull], Edith Eleanor    <hull57@lisco.com>
Daniels, Ellen                   <led1937@webtv.net>
Daniels, Ernest c/o Crystal      <smithbc@iowatelecom.net>
Daniels, Walter Roscoe           <walterdaniels@marktwain.net>
Eddy, Curtis                     <ceddy@iowatelecom.net>
Eddy [Jacobs], Norma Dean        <ndtvj@iowatelecom.net>
Eddy, Loren                      <lw_eddy@hotmail.com>
Franklin, Bill                   <jlgfrank@hotmail.com>
Franklin [Musick], Judy          <musja@juno.com>
Guler, Iva [Roby] c/o Carl       <yoho@mchsi.com>     <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Did not work
Heaivilin [McConnell], Bonnie    <bonniemcconnell@mchsi.com>
Houser, Keith                    <sag@netins.net>
Houser [Schwilling], Lorella Sue <wlsschwi@netzero.net>
McCoy [Espy], Marilyn            <mlpnespy@yahoo.com>
Steele, James L.                 <steele2@kansas.net>
Steele [Virtue], Jeanne M.       <jmvirtue@longlines.com>

List (recollections) of Deceased Star School attendees:
Family Name : [Married Name] : First Name      

Albright, Robert           Deceased  : from JVirtue
Cormeny[??], Charlotte
    Deceased  : from GBanks 08/12/08
Daniels, Earnest           Deceased  : August 2009

Daniels [Walden], Helen    Deceased
Davis, Allen
Davis, Philip              Deceased
Guler, Bill                Deceased
Guler [Howard], Mary       Deceased
Houser, Bennie             Deceased
McElderry, Bob             Deceased
McElderry, Ed              Deceased
Miller, Charles            Deceased
Steele [Melody], Joanne    Deceased  : October 2001

_1/ ..limited to our generation for now.  There are many more
    such as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc.  Maybe
    this list can be updated or expanded before or at the reunion.

Email and personal note journal:

    Will edit and add some email notes from Curtis Eddy later.
    This editing started on laptop to get notes from Crystal documented.

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 19:29:31 -0500
From: ceddy <ceddy@iowatelecom.net>
To: Jim Steele <steele2@kansas.net>

It has really gotten warm here this afternoon.  We closed up the
house and turned the air conditioning on as it is supposed to rain
tonight and we were afraid that we wouldn't get any sleep if we
left it open because if it does rain then we would have to close it
up.  I like to sleep with fresh air coming in if possible, but it
isn't always.
Normadean was up this afternoon and we talked about the Star School
Reunion and we just decided to set the date of Oct. 18 at the
Pizza Ranch.  Normadean thought she could get the room they have.
It will be Dutch Treat.  We forgot to set a time, but we assume
about 6:00 would be the best.  Let us know what you think of it.
Wondered if you could put it on the web page.

Added note: Please send your comments on proposed date and location
given above
to either Curtis with a CC to me or vice versa.

Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 21:03:00 -0500
From: ceddy <ceddy@iowatelecom.net>
Ed McElderry was the one that lost his life on the motorcycle.  He was
one of the older ones.
Loren knows more about this than I do as they were more his age.
I think Jr. helped us hay and helped do work when my Dad had that
stationery baler.  All I know him by is Jr.
We do have a picture of Eleanor and Kenneth at school at the Star School
there (who was Uncle El's children there), and also Elmer, Donald,
Howard, Milt, Mabel and I assume Nellie went when she got old enough.
I would guess that Taylor McCoy's went to the Eureka School over by
Taylor's place.  I think I have the name of the school right.
You can check with Normadean if you want to and Loren.
I don't remember Judy Franklin.
As for Normadean's address it is  901 E. Washington, #18, Centerville.
It is in Monitor Village. Her phone no. is 641-856-3232,  She does work
part time at the school.  She works during the breakfast hour and then
again over the noon hr.
As for Loren's in case you want it.  It is:  23705- 497th, Centerville.
He lives in the country from the hospital, east.  His phone no. is

Personal Notes:                                                                  
2008.04.11  Visit with Crystal Daniels [Smith]
    Crystal did not attend Star School
    The second school house, the one we all know, was at the Walter Daniels farmstead
when Crystal moved out to the farmstead home when she was about five years old.  This
would have been in about 1962.  Hence, the old school house had been moved to the Daniels
farmstead prior to 1962.  This date, I do not remember.  Whatever the date, it would be
approximately the same date when Sharon Township disposed of other school property in the Township.  About that same time, the old school site property reverted back to the land
owners of the original property.  There is a recorded date for when that change in
ownership was recorded.
    In about 1990, a Unionville, IA person dismantled the old School House, moved and took salvagable materials. 
    Thirty years later, 1992, Crystal and Bill Smith purchased and moved to the Walter Daniels farm.  In July 1992, the windstorm destroyed the barns, machine shed,
damaged the home at the Steele farmstead and moved the Sharon Chapel Church off its
foundation about 3-4 feet.
    Denise (Eddy) Casady may have been one of the last few students to attend Star School.
    Crystal does not know Roscoe Daniel's email address, will seek his mailing address.

2008.04.22  Visit with Denise Casady
    Stopped in to see Denise since Bull was out in road.
    Denise never did attend Star School.  She was born in 1952 and always attended Centerville schools.  She remembered the dividing line was 290th Avenue, west of that students went to Centerville, east of that students went to Moulton at that time.
    Said Donald's father was Milton Eddy, not Elmer and Jessie Eddy as I thought.
    Also said that a Milton Eddy and decendants live in or near Manhattan, KS.

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