Photos - 50th Year Class Reunion
October 13-14, 2006
Appanoose County Country Club
Centerville, IA

Class of 1956, Centerville High School, Centerville, IA
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Bob Mitchell, Curtis Eddy Ron Hamlin, Edwin Martin Rodger Espy
Row 1

Joe Walker, Wendell Bailey Carol Walden Micllef, June Guffey O'Connell Jim & Sharon Galloway
Row 2

Jim Porter, Robert Underwood Mrs. Underwood, Mrs. McAnelly, Sally Livengood Shepard Jim McAnelly, Stanley Shepard
Row 3

Roger White, Larry Clark Gerald Banks & wife, Roscoe Daniels & wife Curtis Eddy & wife Hazel Hughes Meggison, Diane Sumpter Steele 
Row 4

Rodger Espy, Janan Strandberg Anderson Barbara Bradley Cortesio Susan Dobson Borden, Mrs. Skolnick, Dave Skolnick
Row 5

June Buffey O'Connell, ?? Jack & Sharon Doll ?? & husband
Row 6

John Norris & son Bob Mitchell, Edwin Martin Sandy Lemley Mitchell & Bob Mitchell
Row 7

Larry Clark & wife, Wesley Shepard & Vivian Hixenbaugh Shepard Roger & Kay White reunion
Row 8

reunion reunion reunion
Row 9

reunion reunion reunion
Row 10

reunion reunion reunion
Row 11

reunion reunion eunion
Row 12

Row 13

Row 14

Row 15

Row 16

Row 17

Additional Photo Pages:   P1  P2  P3  

Photos Courtesy of Jim & Diane Steele.
Posted by James L. Steele, Thursday, October 26, 2006.
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A Thanksgiving Day Photo, Raking Leaves, from Roger Espy, November 19, 2001.
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Additional Photo Pages:   P1  P2  P3  

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