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The first objective of this page is to consolidate the Email addresses of as many classmates as possible and maintain current information for classmate use.   The 45th,  50th and 55th Class Reunions are now over.  Also, an interim class dinner was held in 2008 at Homecoming time.  We currently have about 45 classmate Email Addresses.  About 50% of our living classmates, not bad for a class where few computers were around and no home/personal couputers were available at the time of graduation.  Classmates may see these addresses via one of the page links below.  Just be aware of the revision/update date for the most current list.  Just in case it is not clear, the classmates in question are those of the Class of '56, Centerville High School, Centerville, IA.  Please help with compilation and maintenance of this page by telling other classmates and sending new or revised Email addresses.  Please advise if any corrections are noted and needed. 
Our pages won't be glamorous, but maybe these will help in some small way to encourage classmate contact.

Before you view/use the Email address link below, the Email addresses or any other information contained herein, please consider whether or not your use of this page is appropriate.  If you are not a classmate, a classmate's spouse or a relative of a classmate, you probably should not read/use this page or the information contained herein.  Your cooperation, honor and respect for the information contained here (and in self policing its use) is appreciated.  Please be cognizant that user logs are maintained for this page and its associated links.

Please visit again some time.  My hope is that all classmates will find something of value at this site in the future.  If you have suggestions or something to post on the page, please just contact me via the email address given above and elsewhere in these pages.

Respectfully, James L. Steele From the Little Apple, Manhattan, KS

Associated links:
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Class '56 55th Reunion - Contact List/Directory
Class '56 55th Reunion - Class Photos     <-- from Jennifer Hengstenberg
Class '56 55th Reunion Photos                 <-- from Jim Steele & Diane
Class '56 55th Reunion Photos                 <-- from Don Sumpter & Lois

Some unusual-recent wildlife photos f/Rodger Espy   <---- new

Photos - Class '56 2008 Homecoming Dinner 

Classmate/Email Address List     <----- not current, needs to be updated
Class '56 50th Class Reunion - Announcement
Class '56 50th Class Reunion - Directory - *.pdf file

Class '56 50th Class Reunion - Directory - TEXT file
Class '56 50th Class Reunion - Class Photo Page
Photos - 50th Class Reunion      f/ Rodger & Paula Espy

Photos - 50th Class Reunion Page 1    f/ Jim & Diane Steele
Photos - 50th Class Reunion Page 2    f/ Jim & Diane Steele
Photos - 50th Class Reunion Page 3    f/ Jim & Diane Steele
Photos - 50th Class Reunion Page All f/ Jim & Diane Steele 
   <-- Will take greater time to load!!
Photos - 50th Class Reunion Star School f/ Curtis Eddy 

Class '56 Directory, 45th Class Reunion
Photos - 45th Reunion f/ Rodger Espy & Jim - Diane Steele

Sue Dobson (Borden) Homepage  Sue's Class photo page no longer active, link is 'The Borden Homepage' and it no longer works as of 11/27/06.
911 Writings - Jim Steele Collection
911 Tribute - The Rolling Memorial - Holmgren's                         
Sound of Music, Favorite Things - f/ Mary Alice Powers (Tickle)   
American Job - f/ Mary Alice Powers (Tickle)
An American - f/ Ron & Jan Hamlin 
Bubba Claus - f/ Ann & Roger Steinbach
Amen!!! - f/ R. Espy 
Photos - f/ G. Lotridge   ------------------- >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  New additions January 13, 2012.
Photos -'Two Old Birds' x two plus 2009 - f/ R. Hamlin            
Greetings f/R. Hamlin - several links you will appreciate                 
John McCain - Pledge of Allegiance - f/ R. Espy                    
'Bad Day', Sharon Springs, KS - f/ R. Espy 

Writings/Miscellaneous - The Rain -f/ B. Worthington

Writings/Miscellaneous - 2008 Election Issue! -f/ Kim Tucker

Writings/Miscellaneous - The_Heart -f/ Kim Tucker

Writings/Photos/Music -Tribute to American Service Men and Women -f/ Nathan Adams Elem. School  --->>> Link inactive ??????

Writings/Facts - TOMB OF THE UNKNOWN SOLDIER - f/ J. Thornton, Class '57

Writings/Images - KEEP THE CANDLE LIT FOR OUR TROOPS - f/ R. White, Class '56

Music - From the Heart - Bruce DeBoer (choose and play highlighted MP3's - soothing, relaxing site)

Photo - Giant Flag In Arizona - f/ R. Schafer - College/Work Colleague

Links for the farmers of the Class of '56:
Farmer's Creed - Wall Hanging, Joe E. Steele, Jr.
Farmer's Creed - Internet Times Union
Farmer's Creed - Internet Grain News
Farmer's Creed - Internet New Holland
For GPS Yield Monitor Information-AgLeader
For Garmin Handheld GPS Information-online purchase-TVNAV

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